Drink in the Sights at POV

And we’re off! Welcome to our DC Fall Bucket List. Over the next ten days, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite eats, drinks, and experiences in this beautiful city we call home. Tune in daily as we reveal the best our nation’s capital has to offer. So, without further ado, here’s #10…

Drink in the Sights at POV Rooftop Bar

The drinks may be expensive, but no view in all of D.C. compares to POV (Point of View; @povrooftop) at the W Hotel.  As soon as you walk into the W’s lobby, the vibrant decor and new age music instantly transport you to one of D.C.’s trendiest scenes.  With its own bar, a resident DJ, and rotating pop-up stores most weekends, it’s easy to forget that you’re not yet to the real party that awaits just a short elevator ride away.

Once off the elevator, the immediate panorama is breathtaking.  POV offers a bird’s eye view of practically every notable site that D.C. has to offer, with the Washington Monument seemingly just out of your hand’s reach.  As the weather begins to cool down during fall, the seasonal colors of changing foliage are a perfect complement to the stark white monuments.  Located just a block from the White House, we’ve even spotted Marine One dropping off the President on the White House lawn and the Secret Service making their rounds on the rooftop.


Do note, however, that you can quickly run up a tab here.  We learned the hard way: a pitcher of cocktails are expensive (albeit delicious), starting upwards of $70.  So…the Capital Couple Pro-Tip is to opt instead for a frosty beer or glass of wine to keep the experience affordable.  As the the sun goes down and the city lights up, feel free to stick around as POV’s dance floor opens up.

See you there, Capital Couple

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